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Advocating for Residents in Wind Turbine Zones

This home in DeKalb, IL is surrounded by 146 wind turbines. There are approx 68 wind turbines planned for the Garden Peninsula. Can you picture this in your neighborhood?


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310 Ludington Street, Escanaba, MI 49829 Phone: 789-5100

Commissioner District 1 / John Malnar: malnar.john62(at)

Commissioner District 2 / Patrick Johnson, Gladstone, pjohnson(at)

Commissioner District 3 / Mary K. Harrington, Vice Chairman: mharrington(at)

Commissioner District 4 / David J. Moyle: dmoyle(at) / Phone: 235-8427 

Commissioner District 5 / David J. Rivard: koi(at)


Julian Vandecaveye 11314 Hwy. M-35, Perkins, MI 49872 Phone: 359-4477

Benny Herioux 2324 17th Road, Bark River, MI 49807 Phone: 786-5671

Patrick Connor, City of Escanaba Appointment 3405 8th Avenue South, Escanaba, MI 49829 Phone:399-2787

John Denholm 2676 II Road, Garden, MI 49835 Phone: 644-7198

Renee Barron 2948 St. Nicholas 31st Rd, Rock, MI 49880 Phone: 359-4602

Randy Scott 7722 Summit 19.55 Dr., Gladstone, MI 49837 Phone: 428-2414

David Moyle, County Board Representative 1501 1st Avenue South, Escanaba, MI 49829 Phone: 235-8427  email: dmoyle(at)

Dan Menacher, Building & Zoning Administrator 310 Ludington Street, Escanaba, MI 49829 Phone: 789-5189

Contact Heritage Wind Energy

Marty Lagina, Founder and Chief Executive:


What is an acceptable setback for a wind turbine?

The manufacturer's recommended safety setback for a 495' wind turbine is 1640 feet. More than 22 families living in the Garden Wind Farm are within the "runaway turbine" zone. 

Red Circle= 1320' Delta County Setback     Yellow Circle= 1640' Manufacturer's Safety Setback    Orange  Dots=Wind Turbines     Blue Dots=Residences within Safety Setback

Current Zoning Not Sufficient

Delta County zoning for wind turbines requires only a 1000-foot setback from a participating dwelling (lease-signer) and a 1320-foot setback from a non-participating dwelling (non-leaseholder).


Our lease-holder families deserve to have their safety protected with a minimum 1640-foot setback from their homes. Non-participating residents should have a minimum setback of 5 times the height of the full wind turbine as measured from the property line for safety, noise reduction and protection of property value and enjoyment. 

Improper Setbacks Result in Loss of Property Use and Value


Delta County Wind Farm Residents Suffer Property 'Condemnation' with Current County Zoning

The illustration above shows a sample 1250-foot setback measured from neighboring homes. When measured from dwelling, a portion of the non-leaseholder land becomes a “no-build” zone. The owners of Parcels B, C, D and E have lost the right to build a home or barn in the setback circle,  without compensation.

When property rights are lost, property also loses value. Tell Delta County to change the wind turbine ordinance to measure setbacks from a property line, not a dwelling. Protect property values and property rights in Delta County!

Delta County and Heritage Wind Energy Fall Short in Protecting Residents

Talk to your County Commissioner about protecting the health, safety and welfare of all Delta County residents.

Tell them to

  • increase the setbacks
  • measure from a property line, not a dwelling
  • lower the allowable noise levels

We all deserve to enjoy our homes and protect our property values, health and safety!

Where will the next phase be built?


Yellow highlighted areas show leaseholder land.alt


Video of June 2014 Wind Energy Presentation in Delta County